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Zemo Partnership Certification Scheme for Aftermarket Technologies

Independently verifies technological performance related to fuel consumption and emissions

Type of scheme

Certification and accreditation


Greenhouse gas emissions



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To help increase the uptake of existing and effective retrofit technology by vehicle operators, Zemo Partnership’s Certification Scheme for Aftermarket Technologies (CSAT) provides independent verification of the performance of technologies and a credible assessment of the applicability of equipment to different operational environments. The scheme enables equipment manufacturers or vehicle operators to conduct robust, repeatable and reliable tests to validate the impact on fuel consumption and emissions under a range of operating conditions.

  • The scheme focuses on fuel and CO2 but also considers other factors, including air quality emissions.
  • Operators can see what fuel and carbon savings were achieved for each duty cycle tested and use those results to predict the savings likely for their operations.
  • The scheme is backed by the Department for Transport and enables government policy and supports mechanisms to be targeted where most needed.

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