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The Freight Innovation Fund

Fund supporting small to medium sized businesses in the development of greener and more efficient solutions for freight.

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Freight Innovation



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The Freight Innovation Fund (FIF), funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Connected Places Catapult, supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the acceleration of creating solutions for challenges within the UK freight sector.

The accelerator programme, is open to SMEs who are looking to address the following challenges:

  • Data collection and sharing technologies or methods to reduce impact on the planet, efficiency and to drive better coordination. 
  • Better aggregation and disaggregation of large loads from rail to last-mile logistics and onward transport modes to allow goods to enter cities without aggravating emissions and traffic. 
  • Design new solutions for inter-modal hubs within ports for containers logistics and their allocation to other freight modes. 

Successful applicants will join a 6-month programme, and will be given the opportunity to access up to £150,000 of grant funding to trial solutions to challenges with industry partners.

The freight innovation cluster is a feature of the programme. Providing applicants with a community of like-minded innovating organisations from within the freight industry.

Find out more about the fund and how you can apply.