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TfL initiative to encourage uptake of ultra low and zero emission commercial vehicles

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LoCITY was launched by Transport for London in January 2016 to encourage the uptake of ultra low and zero emission commercial vehicles. LoCITY is a five-year industry-led collaborative programme that has brought together fleet operators, central and local government, other public sector organisations, vehicle manufacturers, and refuelling and recharging suppliers to improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions.

LoCITY support the freight industry, boroughs and transport operators in upgrading their fleets to cleaner vehicles and alternative fuels. LoCITY has a series of working groups established to provide expert advice and guidance on the direction of the programme. Outputs so far include technical and market research reports, refuelling infrastructure mapping, video case studies, and fleet and supply chain advice and guidance. Additional resources offered include, Fleet Advice Tool and Commercial Vehicle Finder Tool.

By the end of its first year, nearly 1,000 fleet stakeholders from over 600 organisations were participating in LoCITY.

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