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ECO Stars

Provides recognition for industry best practices for efficient operation of buses, HGVs, coaches, and vans

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ECO Stars is a free to join fleet recognition scheme which encourages and helps operators of HGVs, buses, coaches, and vans to run fleets more efficiently and reduce their impact on the local environment.

The scheme provides both recognition for best industry practices, and guidance for making improvements. The aim is to improve fuel consumption which leads to fewer vehicle emissions and has the added benefit of saving operators’ costs.

Members are awarded an ECO Star rating when they first join between 1 Star and 5 Stars, based on an assessment of their current operational and environmental performance. An industry expert discusses the operation with the new member and a short action plan is agreed; known as a Road Map. Further support is provided to members.

The ECO Stars assessment is based on six key pillars of fleet operational efficiency:

  • Fleet composition
  • Fuel management
  • Driver skills development
  • Vehicle specification and preventative maintenance
  • IT support systems
  • Performance monitoring and management

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