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Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit

Proposed TfL scheme to reduce road danger from HGVs

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The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is part of The Mayor of London and TfL’s Vision Zero approach to reducing road danger. The scheme requires all HGVs over 12 tonnes to hold a safety permit before entering and operating in Greater London. HGVs are given a rating between ‘zero-star’ (lowest) and ‘five-star’ (highest) based on the level of direct vision a driver has through the windows of the cab (and not through cameras and mirrors). Only vehicles rated ‘one star’ and above would be allowed to operate in London. Zero rated vehicles are only be allowed if they can prove compliance through safe system measures.

By 2024 only ‘three-star’ rated HGVs and above would be granted a Safety Permit with HGVs rated two star and below needing to demonstrate compliance against progressive safe system measures before gaining a permit. The safe system could include specific industry recognised measures such as sensors and visual warnings.

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