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EST HGV Fleet Consultancy

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Advice and Support
Air Quality
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy Saving Trust has a long track record of supporting fleet operators using cars and vans through bespoke advice services. Our expertise helps improve fleet operations, reduce costs and improve environmental performance across fleets. The measures we recommend vary widely, including managing fuel and mileage, vehicle choice, technology solutions and driver behaviour.

With funding provided by the Department of Transport, the Energy Saving Trust is offering support to freight operators to reduce their operating costs and improve their profitability, whilst reducing emissions.

The Energy Saving Trust is offering freight operators free of charge fleet consultancy looking at areas including:

  • Choosing the best vehicle for the job
  • Driver behaviour
  • Technology to improve existing vehicle performance
  • Route optimisation
  • Fuel management
  • Load optimisation
  • Use of data to measure fleet operational efficiency
  • Fuel choice

​​​​​​​To apply for the Freight operator support programme call 020 7222 0101 or email