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How can our free freight reviews optimise your operations?

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Transport is one of the largest contributors to UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and despite making up less than 6% of road traffic, Heavy Vehicle Goods (HGVs) account for 18% of UK road transport emissions. As a result, there has been a focus on supporting the UK Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, offering advice, information, and guidance to road freight operators to assist in their efforts of reducing emissions and lowering costs of vehicle operations.

The newest addition to the portal is the fleet decarbonisation reviews, delivered on behalf of the Department for Transport and available to freight operators for free. Our fleet decarbonisation reviews offer independent, impartial, and bespoke advice according to the specifics of your fleet.

Luke Braddow, Group Transport Manager at Branston Potatoes said, “The Energy Saving Trust freight fleet review has really helped us to understand our long-term pathway to zero emissions much more clearly and helped us to get started on that journey. It has given us several practical short-term actions to reduce emissions, through these we have already seen a real improvement to our fuel efficiency (and carbon emissions), with likely savings of £60,000 expected this year.”

The fleet decarbonisation reviews help HGV and freight operators to understand how they can deliver a zero-emission operation, including advice on charging infrastructure, security of supply, how to improve their carbon footprint, and understanding the whole-life cost approach to improve on journeys, meeting carbon reduction targets and improving system efficiency.


What is included in a Freight decarbonisation review?

  • Overview of emissions and energy use
  • Key findings
  • Opportunities to reduce carbon emissions
  • Practical solutions to reduce carbon emissions
  • Summary


Each section goes through separate parts of the operation and vehicles to distinguish which areas can improve the most and how.

Our aim is to support you in meeting your own carbon reduction targets quickly and efficiently, as well as those of your clients and potential clients. Our advice is independent, impartial, and pragmatic and is bespoke to the specifics of your HCV fleet.

Find out more about how you can claim your FREE freight decarbonisation review here and get in contact us.