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eCargo bikes

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It’s now possible to have almost anything delivered to our doorstep. This increasing demand results in more delivery vehicles on the road, worsening traffic congestion and, depending on the type of vehicle, negatively impacting air quality and noise pollution.

eCargo bikes are a great zero tailpipe emissions alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles, and one that is increasingly being used by commercial organisations.

What is an ecargo bike?

An ecargo bike (also known as an electric cargo bike) is an electrically assisted bicycle, tricycle or quadricycle with a purpose-built cargo carrying capacity. The bikes come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used to transport a variety of cargo such as food, parcels or heavy goods. Watch our video to learn more.

Why choose an ecargo bike?

eCargo bikes are an efficient method for transporting cargo and making last mile deliveries. There are numerous advantages to making the switch, including lower upfront costs, reduced congestion, a happier workforce and cleaner, healthier air. Watch our video to learn more.


eCargo Bike Grant Fund

For businesses operating in England, £400,000 has been made available by the Department for Transport in 2021/22 for the purchase of ecargo bikes. To find out more and apply, see eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22. Applications close on 14 December 2021.

Read case studies about organisations that have accessed the eCargo Bike Grant Fund, and how this funding has benefited them.

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