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Fuel Cost Cutter

Please note these are indicative costs only for diesel vehicles. Find out more about how we made this tool

About your current vehicle use

Add interventions

Select from the list of interventions below to see how they could affect your fuel costs and emissions. For telematics, select “drivers” and “routes”

Driver behaviour

e.g. training in safe and efficient and reduced engine idling

Tyres optimisation

e.g. correct tyre inflation pressures, use of super-singles or low rolling resistance tyres.

Route optimisation

e.g. route optimisation and greater use of night-time/off-peak deliveries


e.g. side panels, cab rood fairings and aerodynamic trailer designs

Fuel consumption (litres)

- (litres per annum)

Fuel costs (£)

- (£ per annum)

Greenhouse gas tail pipe emissions (kg CO2e)

- (kg CO2e per annum)

Combined savings per vehicle per annum: